Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life as a Verb.. really.

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This week I got caught up on reading blogs and discovered Zen Habits blogger Leo Babauta had an e-book called Zen to Done available for only $1! The book takes his Zen approach to David Allen's Getting Things Done method. I am committing to implementing the first two habits, Capture and Process, in the next 30+ days. I already have the habit of writing things down (capture), but processing my inboxes is going to require a little more focus. Looking down the road at setting life goals and long-term goals, he suggests you only set a single yearly goal. I know I have too many irons in the fire right now (a photography course, building my own business, planning for Morocco next year) but I don't know how to pare it down -- it's difficult for me to focus on one thing for extended periods. The answer, for me, might behaving a yearly go that can be approached many different ways. Say, for instance, that in 2009 I want to quadruple my income. I can do this multiple ways -- by setting up niche blogs with affiliate programs, selling stuff on etsy, getting more photography in my portfolio and some weddings under my belt so I can start charging to cover events, signing up for more mystery shopping jobs, doing some mechanical turk HITs, and any other number of income-generating projects.

I got two books today that will help me fulfill two other life goals -- the first to be a conscious business owner, the other to live joyfully and creatively. For the first, The Seed Handbook: The Feminine Way to Create Business -- I'm already in love with the look and feel, and the intuitive, high-striving commitment pages at the very beginning.

For the second, Patti Digh of 37 Days serves up the wonderful Life Is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. What a joyful and colorful romp! These two books make perfect companions to helping me live my most authentic life.

*sigh*.. Off to read some more!

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